Corporates & Professional Services

Genphex's serves corporates and professional services firms in a wide variety of industries across the Globe.

The corporates, which we  serve include firms across the chemical, Pharma, biotechnology, Life Science allied firms and Healthcare firms.

Our professional services clients are Intellectual property management firms, accounting and advisory firms, law firms, Chemical, Pharma and biotech consulting firms, market research firms, and human resources firms

Our clients typically look for solutions that improve knowledge-based processes across divisions and functional units, such as:

1) Legal
We serve our Global and domestic partners to understand intricacies in international contracts for international sale of goods, agency/distributor agreements, JVs, Technical tie-ups, legal environments of various countries, dos and don’ts with respect to obligations etc.,
2) Marketing
We serve organizations to obtain international marketing knowledge. Develop information base on each country with respect to the structure of the market, environment, SWOT analysis, registration requirements, etc.
3) Competitive intelligence
Our experts involved in gathering information through focussing on the external business environment, converting in to intelligence and then utilizing this in business decision. We identify market risks and opportunities at early stages before they become obvious. Therefore, through our competitive intelligence, we serve and promote our clients towards ethical and legal business practice
4)  Market Research and data analysis

Our team is systematically organized to gather information about markets or customers, which is an very important component of business strategy. Our Market research and data analysis include social and opinion research and the systematic gathering and interpretation of information about individuals or organizations using statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences to gain insight or support decision making. We provide our clients about important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition. We provide strategic planning to our customer, which gives an advantage over competitors.

We can also offer wide variety of marketing research services customized to suit client specific needs

5) Regulatory
We serve our clients in understanding regulatory procedures of various countries. We also provide useful information base on regulatory requirements, guidelines, and assist in the process of registration and we make them understanding intricate issues involved in registrations.
6) Advisory services towards Business development and sales support
We provide advisory services to financial  institutions regarding inputs with respect to R&D and in the areas of drug master files (DMFs)/ Abbreviated New Drug Applications/innovative formulations/New Chemical entity building blocks such as contract research hubs, large testing centers bio - equivalence testing centers etc.
7) Intellectual Property services
We serve serve in Biopharmaceuticals, Biologicals, Biomolecules, Bio similar Pharmaceuticals. We create patents to our clients for global monopoly rights and to overcome competitors.
8) Information services and knowledge management
We serve our clients in understanding Government policies, decisions, approval procedures and allied activities. We provide knowledge management services, which  will focus on achieving business goals by our clients.
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