Life Sciences Allied Serivces
  Chemical, Pharma, Health care and Life Science allied services:

We serve our clients with real time practices using scientific and technological elements of research on Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Life Sciences areas by utilizing in-house quality and highly experienced scientists, technologists, patent experts and doctors.

Our entire project management in the development program is divided in to 5 vertical units, which address the specific solution for specific problem of client's interest.

1) Contract Research: 
i) Bio Solutions
Services of Cell culture lab:
Genphex's cell culture lab offers a broad range of biological solutions, which will be useful to understand complex cellular mediated mechanisms and biological matters. In other words, Genphex is your global knowledge partner for your preclinical drug discovery process via wide range of bio solutions with an insight information pertaining to cells and intra cellular signal transmission mechanisms. Therefore our company is a single point contact to provide cell line technology platforms to add value to drug discovery to lead optimization, Pre clinical, Clinical development and healthcare.

Genphex's expertise in cell based assays, offer services to conduct drug toxicity, Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity test etc. Therefore, Genphex will enable its claints to complain with regulations as required by global regulatory bodies.

Genphex maintains good quality cell lines to explore drug screening for various safety screening matters like Drug toxicity, Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity.etc.

Genphex encourages collaborations with pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, academic institutions/universities, biotech vendors, biotech science providers as well as cell line-assay development

Therefore, Genphex is a single point contact for all bio solutions starting from innovation to healthcare.
ii) Clinical Research
iii) Research on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and their intermediates
  a) New Process Design and Development for patent filing

Our scientists have capabilities to design and develop Novel process for patent filing or Patent non-infringing process through in-depth process chemistry knowledge of A to Z reactions , Therefore, our Genphex is your one-stop  point to resolve the process patent problems of APIs and their intermediates. Apart from APIs and intermediates, our deep knowledge in chemistry and chemical synthesis  can resolve problems pertaining to design and development of complex molecules like:

  1. Peptides (including building blocks of peptides)
  2. Nucleotides (including building blocks)
  3. Prostaglandins (including chiral intermediates)
  4. Carotenoids (including C5 to C40 carbon units)
  b) Development of Process Understanding Control and capability (PUCC) 
  c) Process optimization using Design of Experiment
  d) Chemistry mechanism studies to improve reaction   selectivity for maximizing yield of product.
  e) Identification of root cause for the formation of impurity  and its control via mechanistic studies 
  f) Project development using QbD
  g) Development of most economic process for industrial production using deep knowledge of reaction chemistry
  h) Devising alternate chemistries for commercialization
  i) Technology transfer from lab scale to industrial scale
  iii) Custom synthesis
  a) Design, Develop and preparation of Discovery molecules
  b) Design, Develop and preparation of impurity standards 
  c) Impurity isolation
IV) Formulation Development
V) Analytical Research
2) Contract Manufacturing :
3) Patents :
  We design and develop novel process/product/composition/dosage form for you to have patent rights by which you can have monopoly rights in global business.
  a) Novel Process.
  b) Novel Product. 
  c) Novel composition.
  d) Novel Dosage form
Our functions include-development in lab followed by patent write-up and filing at patent office i.e we are going to create
patents for you to enjoy peaceful commercialization of your product.
4) Regulatory :

We serve our clients in answering regulatory questions from regulators by solving them in real practices through hardcore technical aspects of regulation through our in depth strong background of Biological sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, Pharma chemistry , process chemistry and formulation development, which means we are going to solve all regulatory problems pertaining to root cause of problem, which could be anything, for example: root cause of impurity or stability of dosage form.

4) Industrial trouble shooting :

In this unit we are going to tackle any problems pertaining to industrial manufacturing or regulatory issue.

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