Innovation & Patent Creation

Patent Creation:

We serve our clients with stringent confidential policies and practices. We prepare an enforceable patent, by which our client enjoys commercialization with global monopoly rights. Our in depth knowledge in Life Sciences especially Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, retrosynthetic approach or disconnection approach and formulation development can resolve problems facing by our clients due to active patents by the competitors. At Genphex, we have a dedicated, patent scientists who can draft a patent specification to meet clients requirements to file a patent at any patent office like IPO, USPTO, JPO, EPO and PCT. 

Genpex invents and files a patent to make our client global leader in the defined area of commercialization. We serve our clients in all strategies of pharmaceutical patenting strategies i.e. Product patents, secondary patents, Process patents, Product by process patents, Use of the product or method of use protection and formulation patents or novel composition patents.

Genphex's patent scientists can address all possibilities of second generation patents which will enable our clients to extend the life/term of a product patent.

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